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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek

Support for the First European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additive Manufactured Materials

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

Structural integrity, i.e. the fracture and fatigue strength of additively manufactured materials and components is becoming increasingly important with the technology?s transition towards major industrial utilization. The conference provides an overview over current scientific knowledge and stimulate ideas for future research directions in this emerging field. Peer-reviewed contributions will be in the form of a 20-minute presentation or a poster. The agenda will allow for extended discussions and for exploring Trondheim in one of the most pleasant times of the year. ESIAM19 will be the opening event for a two- yearly international conference series held alternating in Europe and worldwide. Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques offer the potential to economically fabricate customized parts with complex geometries in a rapid design-to-manufacture cycle. Before benefits can be explored in critical load bearing applications, the basic understanding of the mechanical and functional behavior of these materials must be substantially improved at all scales. In particular, a better understanding of fracture and fatigue performance is key. The conference will shed light on the basic physical phenomena of fatigue and fracture of AM materials and develop effective criteria for the design of unprecedented high performing components for next generation automotive, aerospace and biomedical applications.

1.1 brought together 160 key researchers and opinion leaders the field 1.2 Particular session on Applications, Standardization and Quality Assurance had 10 lecturers. ASTM gave 2 talks about standardization in the plenary. 2 companies presented their products at the conference. All were invited to submit papers. 1.3. The sessions property process prediction, characterization, Microstructure and Defects, Notches and Discontinuities, Post Processing and Property and process prediction had 80 presentations and 20 posters. All were invited to submit papers. 1.4. Collaboration with 4 journals that publish all conference proceedings as well as invite selected talks for full papers 1.5 Several proposals for projects emerged in the course of ESIAM 19 that will be followed 1.6 NTNU was promoted as hub for the structural integrity of additively manufactured components. The Dean of Engineering and Head of the institute of Mechanical Engineering gave welcome speeches at the conference.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) brings with it significant design freedoms, permitting complex forms to be incorporated in high-value components for high-impact structural applications. Examination of the state of the art demonstrates that the mechanical/cracking behaviour under static, dynamic and time-dependent loading of AM materials has never been investigated systematically, with this limiting an effective exploitation of this powerful fabrication technology. AM offers the potential to economically fabricate customized parts with complex geometries in a rapid design-to-manufacture cycle. However, the basic understanding of the mechanical behaviour of these materials must be substantially improved at all scales before the unique features of this rapidly developing technology can be injected safely into applications of practical interest. The ambitious target of ESIAM19, the first European Conference on the structural integrity of AM materials is to bring together European and global leaders in the topic to form a solid foundation and ground for discussion nurturing the field through dissemination, exploitation and formation of world leading international consortiums.

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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek