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P-SAMISK-Program for samisk forskning

Igniting Knowledge Sharing: World Indigenous Research and Education Conference 2018

Alternative title: Tenne på kunnskapsutbytte: Verdens urfolks forsknings- og utdanningskonferanse 2018

Awarded: NOK 99,999

The conference Igniting Knowledge Sharing: World Indigenous Research and Education Conference 2018, is arranged to gather indigenous researchers in various disciplines in order to share their experiences and knowledge production with each other. This year's theme has been based on the subjects that Sámi allaskuvla / Sámi University of Applied Sciences College teaches and researches in: languages, duodji (arts and crafts), discussions about what indigenous peoples care about, indigenous journalism, education and pedagogy. Sámi allaskuvla is a member of WINHEC, the World Indigenous Higher Education Consortium. This is a consortium where indigenous institutions and organizations seek membership. The World Indigenous Research Alliance (WIRA) is an alliance under the WINHEC umbrella that emphasizes research based on indigenous peoples experience and knowledge base. Every three years a WIRA conference is held. The members of WINHEC seek to arrange the research conference, and in 2015 Sámi allaskuvla sought to host the 2018 conference. The conference is divided into a planning and an implementation phase. Within the topics, we invite researchers to submit abstracts to the conference, which will be presented in parallel sessions. In addition to this, there are also planned side-arrangements, including master students’ presentations. To get indigenous researchers to participate, a website has been created so that we can invite researchers to send abstract, evaluate and select those who will attend and keep in touch with the participants. Early in the process, key note speakers are also invited. We expect between 100 and 150 participants from the indigenous peoples’ world.

WINHEC (World Indigeanous Higher Education Consortium) is a worldvide indigenous organisation, which Sámi allaskuvla/Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SA) is member of. Part of WINHEC is WIRA (The World Indigenous Research Alliance, which works with indigenous research worldwide. Every third year during the Annual meeting of WINHEC, there is a academic conference. 2018 is SA host for the conference. The conference is named Igniting Knowledge Sharing: World Indigenous Research and Education Conference 2018. The themes of the conference are within the research and education profile of SA. The scope of the conference embraces disciplines as: Traditional Craft and Contemporary Design, Indigenous Language, Indigenous Education, Media and Journalism, and Protection and Management of Environmental and Traditional Resources. During the conference, there will be two invited keynote speakers, and several parallel sessions and side events. We have invited researches and educators both within the WINHEC umbrella and internationally overall to submit abstracts to the parallel sessions, as well as researchers from entire Sápmi. We expect about 100-150 researchers and educators as well as master and doctorate students attending the conference, from all over the world. A project group is established, which works closely with the WIRA board, plan the academic program, functions as previewers to the abstracts, and have the overall responsible for the conference. As the hosts of the conference, we emphasize the use of indigenous languages as research language. As hosts this implies to promoting Sámi language as research- and education language, and use of language as a method for building Sámi and indigenous research approaches and perspectives. It will facilitate discussion and comparison of the situations for other indigenous languages, and promote scientific publications in indigenous languages. There is no datacollection plan, as there is no data collected.

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P-SAMISK-Program for samisk forskning

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