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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

Novel solvents for biogas upgrading

Awarded: NOK 80,000

Biogas technologies have experienced a period of great development: in 2012, there were over 13,800 biogas plants across Europe, and it is estimated that a large part of the EU-27 renewable energy target by 2020 will be met by bioenergy, of which at least 25% will be provided by biogas. Most applications of biogas benefit from the removal of CO2 from the stream, a procedure called biogas upgrading. If sufficiently pure, the removed CO2 may then have an appropriate destination, such as injection for geologic sequestration, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or chemical conversion. Nowadays, many upgrading facilities release the captured low-quality CO2 back into the atmosphere. The development of better upgrading technologies could not only result in a more energetic biomethane, it could also allow for the captured CO2 to have proper uses in the chemical industry or a more environmentally friendly disposal. Focusing on absorption techniques for CO2 removal, one notices that the greatest impediment for its expansion nowadays is the huge energy requirements of the regeneration process. This is directly related to the heat of absorption of the proposed solvent. As a result, one can find numerous new studies regarding alternative solvents for CO2 capture both in and out of the context of biogas upgrading. The project proposes to analyze the kinetics of mixed amino-organic solutions, which are said to blend good physical and chemical absorption properties. The capacity of these solvents for extended CO2 capture at higher CO2 partial pressures may render them attractive alternatives in the specific context of biogas treating. Additionally, since the reactant-diluent interaction in this type of solution is not yet totally clear, more studies are required precisely on the kinetics of CO2 absorption with such absorbents. This work should provide material for at least one journal publication and one conference publication.

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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering