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IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike

Control and observation of nonlinear systems

Awarded: NOK 60,000

Searching for a general set of design tools applicable to controller design and analysis for any nonlinear system may be futile. Restricting the class of system dynamics with the aim of developing a more complete set of controller design tools for such a restricted model class therefore appears to be a reasonable approach. One such restricted class of system dynamics is the class of polynomial dynamical systems, for which stability analysis and controller design tools based on Convex Optimization has recently flourished, using so-called Sum of Squares (SOS) programming. Four topics will be studied: - Analysis of piece-wise affine systems. Based on a new implicit representation of such systems, we will propose new tools for stability and robustness analysis. - Time discretization techniques. This research task will then study discretization techniques leading to polynomial or rational models. In particular we will develop methods to compare the continuous time system and the discretized one by, for instance, comparing estimates of the region of attraction of stable equilibria. - Observer design. In many applications, not all states are measured, and therefore they have to be inferred using a state observer. Note that the so-called Certainty Equivalence Principle does not in general hold for nonlinear systems. This research task will therefore address observer design using SOS programming, and study the effects of interactions between controller design and observer design on the stability of the overall system. - Benchmark application. CentraleSupelec has a cart and pendulum experimental setup. The complexity of SOS-based controller design for this system is near the limit of what can be accommodated by current optimization packages and computational resources. This research task will test the limits of available numerical solution tools and provide a convincing demonstration of the capabilities of SOS-based controller design.

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IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike