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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum

Suprabasins – sedimentary response to growth of major extensional fault systems

Alternative title: Suprabasins

Awarded: NOK 13.8 mill.

The Suprabasins project targets geological research in an interdisciplinary joint venture between Norwegian and international academia and industry. Objectives cover knowledge needs for prolific petroleum systems of the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the Utsira, Loppa and Frøya-region highs and their long-lived fault zones. Conceptual studies address dynamic rift landscapes of modern and ancient basins, emphasising uplift versus depositional systems that will generate novel models for tectonic settings. The Suprabasins is in full operation, with a productive workforce of 3 PhD?s, 1 Postdocs and 2 Researchers plus two in-kind positions (PhD+Postdoc). Five master studies are underway. 10 articles are published in referee-based scholarly journals, and 48 conference and seminar contributions reflect good progress by the project teams. Broad industry dialog has been entertained by teamwork and video-based seminar series, backed by a dataset repository for the partnership. There has been fieldwork in Svalbard but not internationally. Delays with shifts in milestones link to covid mitigations in 2020-21 will be rectified in 2022.

Rifts and rifted margins contain faults with displacements much larger (>10 km) than the half-graben bounding faults normally considered in rift basin studies. The down-dip and lateral evolution of these structures, and the syntectonic basins juxtaposed with them, are only partly understood. The Suprabasin project targets rift-margin highs with internal and fringing basins. Focus is on the development and modification of extensional basins linked to major, long-lived fault zones, with scopes into sedimentary architecture and associated distribution of reservoirs, footwall rebound controlling sedimentary fairways, landscape denudation as temporal sediment source, and burial history of basins. Proposed work is tailored to challenges of the prolific Frøya, Utsira and Loppa highs, which represent large, temporally constrained uplifts behind major rift-bounding faults. Research scopes employ the most recent advances in tectonostratigraphic research and are developed in close dialogue with the industry. Petromaks2 compliance are found in exploration and increased recovery, including Arctic areas. There are strong elements of researcher recruitment, industry involvement, optimal management, and user participation as well as interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The objectives of the Suprabasin proposal cover knowledge needs for prolific petroleum systems of the Norwegian Continental Shelf; verified for some parts of the shelf but underexplored for other areas. Recent discoveries of the Utsira, Loppa and Frøya highs, coupled with exploration and production challenges, require new insight and novel approaches to reach the area’s full economic potential. We will unravel internal basin geometries of the Utsira, Loppa and Frøya highs, in a fully integrated analysis of the sedimentological, stratigraphical and structural setting, spanning across to burial history; to constrain timing and thermal maturation in relation to play analysis.

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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum