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Biomarkers for Parkinsons Disease

Alternative title: Biomarkører for Parkinsons Disease

Awarded: NOK 0.45 mill.

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2019 - 2019

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Parkinsons disease (PD) is a common and highly debilitating disorder with no cure and only symptomatic therapies. The proposed work aims to exploit a novel mechanism, which has been discovered by our group, in order to develop the first disease-modifying drug for PD. Our analyses in brain tissue from individuals with PD suggest that a impairment of the ribosomes, the cell’s protein building factories plays a role in the pathogenesis of PD and could be exploited as a target for therapies. With this milestone-based research grant we wish to consolidate our discovery and identify compounds that can boost ribosomal biogenesis and/or function. We believe that these will hold potential as neuroprotective drugs delaying disease progression in PD.

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