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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

BioMedData - an infrastructure for data sharing and management

Alternative title: BioMedData - en infrastruktur for håndtering og deling av data

Awarded: NOK 14.0 mill.

BioMedData is organized within the frame of ELIXIR Norway and collaborating infrastructures to enable researchers to manage and share molecular life science data generated within their projects. Modern biological and biomedical research generates large amounts of data using a range of different technologies and targeting diverse biological systems and organisms. Data includes for example DNA sequences, gene expression measurements and structures of proteins. ELIXIR is the European infrastructure for storing and making available data so that data can be re-used by other research and innovation projects by users in academia, government and industry. Research funders, including national and international research councils, therefore require that projects develop data management plans outlining how they will store and share, whenever possible, project data in a FAIR fashion, making the data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. ELIXIR operates many of the European repositories where data can be made available to the global research community. BioMedData builds and offers solutions and support for individual research projects to manage and share their data in a FAIR fashion. This project will be done within the context of ELIXIR Norway, the Norwegian Node of ELIXIR, and involves collaboration with ten data generating infrastructures. We build a network of data management experts between ELIXIR Norway and the collaborating infrastructures so that we together can offer research projects integrated and well coordinated support for data management, enabling project to manage and share the data generated within the project. For sensitive data, including human DNA sequences, data is made accessible in a controlled fashion adhering to legislation, agreements and consents linked with the individual project. Sharing data from projects contributes to increased impact and quality of both the individual research projects and to Norwegian life science research in general.

ELIXIR is the pan-European infrastructure for life science data, operating main data repositories, knowledge bases, and tools to allow for their integration and use, as well as underlying compute platforms and training efforts. ELIXIR Norway and the preceding national bioinformatics platform has facilitated analysis and management of life science research data for nearly two decades, and now aims to take a national responsibility for making life science research data FAIR; Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. This project will enable ELIXIR Norway to increase its efforts towards data management (DM), and to strengthen the coordination between the Node and data generating research infrastructures (RIs) within biological and medical sciences (BMS) as well as the generic e-infrastructure. The amount of research data generated in the life sciences is rapidly growing. The main aim of BioMedData is to provide better and more integrated data management support for molecular life science research projects. To ensure that we cover a span of different technologies and data types, as well as application domains, the project includes a number of BMS RIs. The RIs involved in this project have ongoing efforts to support users (help desk or similar) manage and share data produced at their facility. To support coordination between these efforts, ELIXIR Norway and the national generic e-infrastructure, our budget includes funding for part of a position within each RI. BioMedData will contribute to FAIR data sharing from Norwegian projects within the life science domain by (1) building domain specific DM templates and best practices for the platforms involved, (2) building competence for FAIR DM and sharing across the platforms, and (3) initiating training of end-users of all involved BMS RIs, thus enabling all involved RIs to provide professional and harmonized DM support contributing to increased quality and visibility of Norwegian life science research.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

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