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The potential of soil organic carbon composition under different tundra types: A case study from Ny-Ålesund

Awarded: NOK 64,999

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2019 - 2019

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Circulation of total organic carbon in the Arctic, including the Arctic islands, is crucial in terms of the species composition of the tundra and soil diversity. The main purpose of this study is to assess the potential of soil organic carbon composition in different tundra types. As a next study area Ny-Ålesund was selected. The idea of proposed project will be achieved by total biomass (both aboveground and belowground) estimation. The major goal is to quantify biomass stock and measure the changes of organic carbon and nitrogen on the biogeochemical cycle. To understand this scientific issue, it is necessary to collect and analyze soils and vegetation in different study sites. Laboratory analyses will be conducted on collected samples using gas chromatography and stable isotopes (carbon and nitrogen). The results of the proposed project will increase understanding biogeochemical cycle in terms of visible climate change in the Arctic.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum