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PoultryBone: Utvinning av protein og mineraler fra kyllingbein

Alternative title: PoultryBone: Protein and mineral extraction from chicken by-products

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

Efficient use of resources related to food production is one of the most important challenges facing society in the future. Our process method, PoultryBone, can open up a whole new product portfolio from chicken bones that so far have not been possible. From boiled chicken bones remaining after the chicken fund production, and from the mineral-rich sediment remaining after enzymatic hydrolysis of chicken bone, the method can be used to recover minerals and collagen-rich proteins that can be used as new, easily digestible feed ingredients and as dietary supplements. The sought-after project blends in with the national resource efficiency goals, meets the circular economy requirements, and represents a green growth opportunity based on technology from the blue industry.

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