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Networking and project establishment - BGC consultants and U.WA (Seattle).

Awarded: NOK 31,889

The purpose of this activity is international networking and collaboration with organisations in the priority countries Canada and USA. The networking activities will consist of visits and discussions with the company BGC Engineering in Vancouver, Canada, and to the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, Wa USA. Two days will be spent with each organisation. Representatives from NGI include Managing Director Lars Andresen, Market Director Dominik Lang, and Research Director James Strout. Representatives from BGC include President & CEO Mr. Steve Hedberg, Senior Geological Engineer Dr. Matthew Lato, and other members of the BGC organisation. The UW discussions will include academic staff from Geotechnical and Environmental engineering, Graduate students, and representatives from the Valle scholarship program. In preparation for the visits, NGI and BGC have agreed on the following topics: a) What are the new opportunities and knowledge needed in Norwegian and Canadian industry, and where are the specific potential areas for BGC and NGI collaboration to meet these needs. b) Status of new technology initiatives, including machine learning, virtual reality and use of drones for survey and monitoring purposes. c) Specialty testing capabilities and opportunities for related research, including large diamater triaxial testing and liquefiable tailings materials. d) Experiences with commercialisation of research results (impact). e) Staff/student exchanges in research activities. The discussions with UW will focus on opportunities for joint/synergetic research activities, including the exchange of scholars on the Masters and PhD levels.

Funding scheme: