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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Hubs optimization approaches for Innovation, Landscape revitalization and Art development

Awarded: NOK 34,999

While some areas of historic and cultural importance in Europe, being touristic centres, are well renowned and maintained, many other sites are facing abandonment and decay due to deindustrialization. The overall goal of the project is to accommodate four hubs of creativity and entrepreneurship in four different economically underdeveloped areas in Europe in order to act as business incubators and maker spaces. Operating in close collaboration as a strong network, yet independently, the so designed hubs will provide local entrepreneurs, craftsmen, small manufacturers and artists with a space to work, exchange ideas and support to develop their business. Local population will further be attracted to participate in community incentives. The development of urban design solutions, together with digitalisation of the historic sites within, will broaden the activities of the hubs onto the surrounding spaces, turning them into dynamic places, while respecting their identity, for different events, e.g. exhibitions, performances, workshops, fairs, festivals, etc. The project results are expected to contribute to: · reversing trends of abandonment and neglect of historic heritage in urban areas and landscapes; · new and tested blueprints for the socially and economically viable regeneration of European historic urban areas and cultural landscapes, with enhanced well-being and quality of life, social cohesion and integration; · boosting heritage and culture-relevant innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and light 'reindustrialisation' of historic urban areas and cultural landscapes; · cross-sector collaboration, creation of job opportunities and skills in cultural and creative sectors and innovative manufacturing linked to historic heritage.

Funding scheme:

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020