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Salmogram - Kamerasystemer og kunstig intelligens for kontinuerlig individbaserte oppfølging av laks

Alternative title: Salmogram - Camera systems and AI for continued individual based follow-up of salmon

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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2019 - 2020

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SALMOGRAM" is a system consistant of part camera technology, for image acquisition, and the use of artificial intelligence to analyze the images. Einer AS has already developed several camera solutions, and has a unique model for analyzing images. In the first phase, we target individual based recognition to be able to follow an individual throughout the life cycle. Later on, we aim the analysis model against other more operationally economical aspects of the fish. The purpose of the system is to provide action-based decision support for operators throughout the value chain, through an improved statistical basis, and is delivered in a format that allows optimization of input factors such as feed, choice of roe / smolt, and simplifies logistics and reporting. Einer AS has already been funded by Innovation Norway, and has close cooperation with NOFIMA and RealtTek at NMBU. Through this collaboration, the system has been used in feed tests carried out at NMBU, where the system has allowed more efficient data collection. Through this collaboration, the system has been tested and developed over a year's time - with NOFIMA and NMBU as active sparring partners. Einer also has a strong connection to the innovation environment in Ås, which specializes in technology aimed at primary needs, often within smart hardware, data collection and data processing. The purpose of Student FORNY is to carry out a larger pilot with demanding customers - where the main goals are to sign the letter of intent, and demonstrate the system's ability to automate data collection, and rise from today's 88% detection to 94-99%. A successful StudENT-project will provide verified results that can support further commercialization.