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TEKNOKONVERGENS-Teknologikonvergens - grensesprengende forskning og radikal innovasjon

Responsible innovation in the Norwegian salmon farming industry: Grand Societal Challenges, Dilemmas and Improvements

Alternative title: Ansvarlig innovasjon i den norske lakseoppdrettsnæringen: Bærekraftsmål, dilemmaer og forbedringer

Awarded: NOK 10.0 mill.

Norwegian salmon farming companies are very influential in the increasingly global salmon farming industry. In 2018, the export value of farmed salmon from Norway was NOK 68 billion. The project studies dilemmas that arise between economic, environmental and social concerns in the salmon farming industry in Norway, Canada, Australia and Chile by mapping the global networks of leading Norwegian salmon farming companies. We intend to study intersections between salmon farming and local/regional/national conditions in the involved countries. In so doing we wish to identify tensions between economic, environmental and social dilemmas, and the solutions to these tensions by firms in different geographical locations. Furthering this, the project aims to facilitate co-creation of knowledge between different stakeholders towards improvement of innovation practices and their sustainability (i.e. responsibility) in different contexts. This is done by setting up Responsible Innovation Labs (in Norway and Chile) involving participating researchers, firms and suppliers, and customers, NGOs and regulating authorities. Central topics in the Labs will concern how to implement and adapt the UNs Sustainable Development Goals and linking solutions to context-specific challenges and solutions, aiming to spur responsible innovation practices in the industry. The project is led by prof. Arnt Fløysand, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Research partners in the project are University of Stavanger and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. In addition to a strong team of researchers, PhD students and postdoc students will be recruited. The project seeks to create novel theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge applicable for responsible innovation.

This project identifies a threefold knowledge need on responsible innovation in the Norwegian salmon farming industry, where we believe that new theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge is required. Theoretically, we believe it is needed to develop frameworks able to assess the economic, environmental and social dimensions of innovation and their interplay. In short, we argue that the RRI literature resembles a top-down perspective that focuses mainly on the public governance of research and innovation, while, conversely, the CSR-literature is a bottom-up perspective focused towards the actor-level and the strategies of firms. However, both literatures are normative and provide rather ‘flat’ and ‘universal’ insights into how e.g. public authorities, researchers or firms should act. Accordingly, we add the isight of Global Innovation Networks (GIN) to contextual the specificities of firms responsible innovation practices. Empirically, we argue that knowledge is needed on how salmon farming firms address dilemmas arising from innovations intended to solve Grand Societal Challenges, exemplified by the industry’s adaptation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We also hold that practical, co-created knowledge is needed on how practices in firms and the industry can be shifted towards more responsible innovation when Sustainable Development Goals of firms come into conflict between each other. In order to operationalise the mentioned theoretical, empirical and practical requirements coherently, we conduct a comprehensive discussion of responsible innovation (WP1), before mapping the networks and innovation activities of Norwegian salmon farming firms (WP2). In WP3, we investigate the interplay between economic, environmental and social dimensions of innovation, while WP4 investigates the effects of innovation on the economic performance of firms. Finally, WP5 improves responsible innovation practices in the industry through a Responsible Innovation Lab.

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TEKNOKONVERGENS-Teknologikonvergens - grensesprengende forskning og radikal innovasjon

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HavbrukPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderJustis og rettsvesenPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderForskningFNs BærekraftsmålMål 2 Utrydde sultUtviklingsarbeidFNs BærekraftsmålMål 12 Ansvarlig forbruk og produksjonLTP3 Et kunnskapsintensivt næringsliv i hele landetMarinLTP3 Samfunnssikkerhet og beredskapMatMatMat - Blå sektorResponsible Research & InnovationRRI MedvirkningFNs BærekraftsmålMatTrygg verdikjedePolitikk- og forvaltningsområderNæring og handelInternasjonaliseringLTP3 Fagmiljøer og talenterLTP3 Marine bioressurser og havforvaltningFNs BærekraftsmålMål 9 Innovasjon og infrastrukturLTP3 Samfunnsikkerhet, sårbarhet og konfliktBransjer og næringerPortefølje InnovasjonInternasjonaliseringInternasjonalt prosjektsamarbeidPortefølje ForskningssystemetPortefølje Banebrytende forskningAnvendt forskningBioøkonomiFornyelse og innovasjon i offentlig sektorBioøkonomiØvrig bioøkonomiMarinHavbrukPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderMiljø, klima og naturforvaltningPortefølje Mat og bioressurserPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderResponsible Research & InnovationRRI Utviklings- og prosessorienteringForskning og innovasjonMatGlobal matsikkerhetHavbrukFiskehelse og velferdLTP3 Høy kvalitet og tilgjengelighetResponsible Research & InnovationBransjer og næringerFiskeri og havbrukHavbrukSamfunns- og markedsperspektiver havbrukLTP3 Innovasjon i stat og kommuneLTP3 Hav og kystLTP3 Styrket konkurransekraft og innovasjonsevneLTP3 Klima, miljø og energiGrunnforskningKlimarelevant forskningLTP3 Bioøkonomi og forvaltningPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderFiskeri og kyst