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MP: VIMEC - Vortex-Induced Motion Energy Converter

Alternative title: VIMEC: Virvelindusert Bevegelses Energi-Omformer

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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2020 - 2020

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With the growing recognition of global warming, more corporations, research centers, and governments are committing resources to the advancement of renewable energy technologies and trying to tap into a variety of renewable resources. As each country evaluates its resources, many have recognized marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) energy as a significant contributor to its renewable energy portfolio, with lots of effort increasingly deployed in recent years into developing energy conversion technologies. While several devices have been trying to harness MHK energy, they all face challenges related to low energy output, high load threshold for efficient operation, environmental incompatibility, and obtrusion to people and coastal property. With this in mind, we have been developing VIMEC: Vortex-Induced Motion Energy Converter that can efficiently turn the kinetic energy of the fluid surrounding it into electrical energy. Vortex shedding is a phenomenon frequently observed in nature. Vortices are formed due to an interaction between a fluid and a physical structure. This physical phenomenon is exploited to generate energy by inducing the oscillatory motion of the moving parts of VIMEC. The kinetic energy contained in the oscillating motion is then converted into usable electrical energy. The main objective of this project is to provide a proof-of-concept for VIMEC by verifying that the design is viable, and can provide reliable electrical power to fish farms with a Capex/Opex that is more competitive than that with a diesel generator. Moreover, we will actively work on securing applicable IP rights and industrial partnerships. The ultimate goal is commercialization and full-scale deployment of the device while supporting ongoing research on ocean technology, renewable energies, and aquaculture conducted at the University of Stavanger.

VIMEC will undeniably have positive societal and environmental impacts by providing a low-cost, sustainable green energy source; hence contributing to solve climate change and energy demand challenges, which are the defining issues of our time according to the UN. By providing clean energy to fish farms in remote areas, VIMEC will help the aquaculture industry to expand and increase its production, while supporting current efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. VIMEC can also provide power for residential and industrial applications. This project will also benefit ongoing research activities and initiatives at UiS, and beyond, such as Forskningsnettverket for miljøvennlig energi, Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger, Stiim, etc. Finally, this project complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely #7 'Affordable & Clean Energy', #9 'Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure', #12 'Responsible consumption & production', #13 'Climate action', and #14 'Life below water

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