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Dissemination of learning from SORBent based TECHnologies for CO2 capture

Awarded: NOK 0.96 mill.

The project is linked to the ongoing EU H2020 project MOF4AIR where the main goal is to test adsorbents based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) under real CO2-capture conditions. At SORBTECH, we will disseminate the results from MOF4AIR to a wider Norwegian audience. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we have not had the opportunity to hold scheduled physical meetings and excursions. The focus has therefore been on producing a promotional video for the MOF4AIR project (, as well as publishing a Norwegian newsletter that has been distributed to our Norwegian contact network. The result so far is one new Norwegian industrial member of MOF4AIR's industrial cluster board (ICB).

SORBTECH project will deal with dissemination of results achieved in H2020 project MOF4AIR whose objective is to demonstrate the performances of selected emerging sorbents (metal-organic framework, MOFs) in CO2 capture technologies in power plants and energy intensive industries. The dissemination activities will be complementary to those in MOF4AIR and targeting particularly national actors. Following actions are planned: establishment of national network, organization of workshops, regular preparation of newsletters, publishing of popular science articles, participation on conferences, and interaction with other national and international projects and activities working on similar technologies. The project will aim at interacting with Norwegian CO2 emitting industry, technology developers, material providers, policy makers, Research Council of Norway (RCN), and national research community.

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