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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

DustDetect - Dust Detection System

Alternative title: DustDetect - System for støvdeteksjon

Awarded: NOK 10.6 mill.

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2020 - 2024

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The process industry in Norway has a major focus on reducing visible emissions in the form of diffuse emissions. These are emissions that come out of roofs and walls of buildings during various activities. This dust is not captured by filtersystems. The plants have good control of cleaned emission through stacks both in concentration and quantity per year because there are equipment and verification methods for this type of emissions. Measuring of diffuse emissions is more challenging. There are no recommended methods, standards or equipment that can provide good measurements. There are often large variations in both concentration and duration as a result of process variations and weather conditions. Today, all reporting of diffuse emissions from a business is often based on few individual measurements. The pollution authorities have a greater focus on diffuse emissions with demands on better documentation and further reduction of the diffuse emissions. The desire of improving air quality is also a factor. This type of emissions are clearly visible and have an impact on the company's reputation in the local community. For the process industry, continuous measurements are important for documenting development and identifying opportunities for improvement. This will have positive effects for locals, better raw material yields and better process control. The equipment developed and the methods of verification can be used on most smelters both in Norway and abroad. NEO Monitors will develop equipment through this project for continuous measurement of diffuse emissions. The verification will be carried out by SINTEF Norlab. Elkem is the project owner, and the partners in the project are major actors in the Norwegian process industry: Finnfjord, Celsa Armeringsstål, Ferroglobe Mangan Norway and Eramet Norway. Research partners are SINTEF Industry and SINTEF Helgeland. A pilot rig has been built for measuring dust and air flux monitoring at Elkem Rana using existing technology. The rig is now in full operation and will also be used during field testing of the new technology. Completed and upcoming verification measurements of this equipment provide important input to the new laser technology which is under development in the project. The analysis work ahead is expected to develop recommended measurement strategies and implementation of verification measurements in the field, as well as a better understanding of the relationship between emission of dust and variation in the process.

The process industry has long been associated with visible emissions that may affects local air quality. The purpose of the project is to develop a reliable system for continuously detection and quantification of diffuse dust emissions from the process industry. Diffuse dust emissions are defined as emissions which do not pass through the controlled stacks, ducts or other monitored channels, eg. ventilation from buildings, openings in walls and ceilings. In the years to come, the process industry must document that the dust concentration is within an acceptable level. The project consortium consist of a supplier who will develop a certified laser for continuous monitoring of diffuse emissions, a supplier who will develop calibrating methods for quality assurance and industrial partners who want to monitor and document effect of process improvements. Direct feedback from online-emission surveillance system will also give critical information to enable further reduction of dust emissions. The consortium consists of following partners: Elkem (project owner), NEO Monitors (equipment), SINTEF Norlab (verification) and other partners from the process industries: Finnfjord, Celsa Armeringsstål, Ferroglobe Mangan Norge and Eramet Norway. The research partners are SINTEF Industry and SINTEF Helgeland. The equipment deliverer will sell this product worldwide. R&D challenges: -Develop a sensor suitable for the variation dust characterization. -Large variations in e.g. concentration, emitting areas, building design, time of emission etc. among the companies. -Challenging facilities at the smelters, old and complex buildings with limited access. -Constant monitoring requires calibration and verification. Need for verification method with alternative sampling and measuring technique. -Complex to do measurements outdoor with varying weather conditions.

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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

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