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FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren

Bedre skolestart for alle. Et innovasjonsprosjekt i Trondheim kommune.

Alternative title: A better school start for all. An Innovation Project in Trondheim Municipality

Awarded: NOK 7.0 mill.

Better School Start for All ? an innovation project in Trondheim municipality The innovation project is a collaboration between researchers, staff in kindergarten and primary school where new measures to improve the transition from kindergarten to primary school are explored. The aim is that these measures should contribute to a better school start for all children. Trondheim Municipality is the project owner, NTNU the project leader and Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Roskilde University and Linnæus University participate as partners. Transition from kindergarten to primary school should be a positive factor that impacts on children?s experience of good life quality understood as wellness, belonging, wellbeing and the opportunity to establish friendships. However, research shows that the possibility of play in school is threatened by adult controlled activities, increased emphasis on learning and academic career. This innovation project will facilitate for more play and exploratory learning activities in school, for instance through increased use of practical aesthetic approaches. Trondheim Municipality wants to pilot better school start based on recommendations from the National Commission on Gender Equality in Education. The innovation project is based in the Municipality?s Education and Early Development strategy RockPaperScissors - Strong Childhood Communities. The innovation project includes an intervention part and a research part. Framework for exploring the three measures are: 1. Developing content and ways of working in the transition between kindergarten and school 2. Mixed age groups (kindergarten and Years 1 and 2 in school) 3. Exchanging staff between kindergarten and school/SFO (after-school day-care). The research should provide knowledge about how children, parents and staff in kindergarten and primary school participate in and experience the transition from kindergarten to primary school before and after the measures for a better school start are implemented. The aim is to provide research-based knowledge for policy making, management and the development of pedagogical practice and mutual competence development.


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FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren