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CHANGE - Norwegian Network

Awarded: NOK 1.0 mill.

The NO CHANGE project is the Norwegian extension of the European Union funded Horizon 2020 project CHANGE ( While CHANGE is mainly focusing on training early stage researchers to solve challenges within the Cultural Heritage sector, the NO CHANGE project is aiming at extending this knowledge to actors in the Norwegian Cultural Heritage sector. Through networking activities and access to different materials, NO CHANGE members will learn about monitoring change of tangible cultural heritage objects and follow the latest research within an interdisciplinary field where conservators, conservation scientists, imaging scientists, computer scientists work together. NO CHANGE members were invited to join the CHANGE Training School Norway conducted in February 2020 and hosted by the CHANGE coordinator NTNU and CHANGE beneficiary UiO. In 2021, the network is invited to join a workshop hosted at the science museum at NTNU Trondheim in October where seven PhD fellows of CHANGE will present some of their work. The plan is to host similar workshops and sessions at various locations in Norway in order to disseminate the experience and knowledge gained from the H2020 CHANGE ITN project. The activities are somewhat delayed due to the pandemic.

The NO CHANGE project aims to extend the impact of the CHANGE ITN project to relevant Norwegian actors in the cultural heritage sector, by conducting activities to engage and benefit these groups which are outside the CHANGE ITN project. This will be done through networking activities, a series of workshops, training schools, participation in Norwegian conferences/events, short visits, etc.

Funding scheme: