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Norwegian Green Hydrogen Initiative

Awarded: NOK 1.0 mill.

The project will extract the most relevant results and information from the FCHJU funded REFHYNE project and tailor dissemination material and activities specially towards different Norwegian stakeholders from the general public, research and industry actors. Thus it will reach a much wider audience, more focused on our national limitations and possibilities, and encourage a greater number of Norwegian actors to get engaged in the field of green hydrogen and the growing international activities. By this we will contribute to the overall objective of FORSTERK to encourage Norwegian actors from research, society and trade and industry to initiate and take on key roles in Horizon 2020 projects. The main activity in the project so far has been to convey lessons from the REFHYNE project, and at the same time share relevant other experiences and information from hydrogen projects. Especially the SH2IFT project on hydrogen safety, which is another KPN project supported by the Research Council of Norwway. These events have been digital webinars, due to COVID-19, but also because it is easier to reach a wider audience. On average, more than 100 people have participated in the five webinars that have been held so far. Also due to COVID-19, among other things, the electrolyser system in REFHYNE was not completed until this summer, July 2021. The first site visits will take place no earlier than Q1 2022. Further work in the project will be networking and dissemination of the project and planning of study trips.


The NORGH2E project is linked to the H2020 REFHYNE project (Clean Refinery Hydrogen for Europe),funded through the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, FCHJU. The main objective of the project is to deploy and operate a 10MW electrolyser in a Power to Refinery setting. In doing this, REFHYNE will validate the business model for using electrolytic hydrogen as an input to refineries, prove the revenues available from primary and secondary grid balancing in today’s markets and create an evidence base for the policy/regulatory changes needed to underpin this market. NORGH2E will increase knowledge in Norway about large scale green hydrogen production and use, thereby motivating relevant stakeholders to engage more in European funded projects. This will be achieved by organising workshops, a national network, a digital site visit video and dissemination material.

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