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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø


Alternative title: KrillSOFT-Smart produksjon av krill proteiner til human ernæring

Awarded: NOK 4.5 mill.

Antarctic krill is an abundant source of nutritious proteins which is mostly used as a feed ingredient for the Norwegian aquaculture industry today. The proteins have the potential to become a valuable and important food source for humans. Thereby, becoming an additional and sustainable source of proteins for a growing world population. However, in order to reach this target, there is a need to improve the methods used in processing krill. In this project we will implement machine learning and artificial intelligence to better improve the production yield and reduce the variation in the product quality. By doing this more of the krill proteins can be utilized directly for human consumption. In this project we will also investigate the nutritional effect of krill proteins animals. Hopefully this can lead to the development of new applications for krill proteins targeting specific conditions in humans.

Antarctic krill is a nearly ideal nutritious raw material due to its high content of health-promoting omega-3 phospholipids (PLs) and proteins that can be converted into a wide range of human consumption products. Its high-quality protein includes all essential amino acids and thus the proteinaceous part of krill processing should be fully used for human consumption. As a major player in the krill fishery, contributes to both a sustainable management and development of knowledge that ensures 100 % utilization of the catch concomitant with an economically vital business model. Rimfrost AS is currently developing new process concepts for eco-friendly and optimum raw material utilization that will be an integral part of a planned state-of-art trawler. In response to the strategic necessities to reduce food waste generated in the EU and to provide novel sustainable protein sources and high value, bioactive products to the market, KrillSOFT will design a novel krill hydrolysis process to be implanted on-board. Through novel software services by machine learning and AI approaches, the process will be continuously analyzed and adjusted to increase overall efficiency and to provide three improved krill products, namely pure krill phospholipid oil, clean shells for further chitin production and a new high-value krill peptide product. The krill peptides will further be tested for bioactivities on metabolic pathways, such as triglyceride levels, energy metabolism, glucose handling and inflammation in vitro and in vivo. By such effects, the krill peptides might be able to interfere with the concerning increase in life-style diseases due to dietary habits and physical inactivity in modern societies. Overall, KrillSOFT will increase the sustainable and efficient use of krill raw material to obtain a safe, high added value food product for human consumption.

Funding scheme:

MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø