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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

Bergen CCUS Seminar 2019: CCUS and the net-zero society

Awarded: NOK 49,396

We plan a regional seminar on CCUS research and collaboration. The target audience are regional and national actors from the public and private sectors with an interest in realizing CCUS. The sessions and panel discussions will address added value gained in western Norway from the Norwegian full-scale CCS project, particularly Northern Lights. A seminar on research and industrial activity related to CCUS in western Norway is original. Many CCUS-related conferences and workshops are held in Oslo and Trondheim. We will provide an event that fills the current geographical gap by attracting stakeholders that do not often travel to CCUS events outside of Vestlandet. In 2018, NORCE organised the first CCUS seminar in which we gathered regional and national actors to discuss vital research directions moving forward and build effective collaborations both nationally and internationally. In 2019, we expand the meeting to include UiB as a co-organizer. A majority of the participants are expected to be external to NORCE and UiB. The seminar will focus on research and collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector that is needed to address the priorities set out in the CLIMIT program plan with CO2 storage. Specifically we will address research needs that both complement the current activities around the Norwegian full-scale CCS project, while also seeking out the future research needs of CO2 storage at a significantly large scale. In particular, we plan to highlight new developments in monitoring and simulation technology for large-scale CO2 storage as well as strategies for building a business case via CO2-EOR. The link between CCUS and the emerging hydrogen pathways will be addressed. In addition, we will discuss judicial aspects of CCUS relevant for transport and storage on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering