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Ny-Ålesund Atmosphere Flagship Program: Collaboration and new directions in atmospheric research at Svalbard and wider Arctic

Awarded: NOK 0.48 mill.

The main goal of the Atmosphere Flagship is to coordinate the atmosphere research and related activities conducted by number of institutes from more than ten countries in Ny-Ålesund. To keep Atmospheric flagship as living community and its further development is strongly dependent on the SSG funds This proposal aims on: 1) Integration of further developing and strengthening the atmospheric research flagship program. 2) On broadening the thematic coverage including new emerging fields on atmospheric science relevant to Svalbard region. 3) Exploiting synergy with MOSAiC project and results obtained during Intensive Observational Period 2019-2020 4) Development of long-term sustainable aerosol sampling for sample archive. 5) Coordinate and support scientific exchange through short-term visits, small groups thematic meetings and one large Atmospheric Flagship bi-annual workshop. The Atmosphere Research Flagship Program will continue to bring scientists studying the atmosphere in Ny-Ålesund together to develop existing and establish new collaborations and joint research actions to tackle the challenge of climate change in the Arctic. The major unifying research themes for future development of the Atmospheric Flagship within the proposed project will be: - Using comprehensive set of observations and analytical tools to better understand processes controlling Arctic atmosphere properties, boundary layer meteorology, anthropogenic and natural influence on atmospheric composition and climate - Join analysis of long-term trends in numerous atmospheric parameters towards better understanding the magnitude and rate of changing environmental conditions in the Svalbard region.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum