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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø

Blue Bio, Increasing Echinoderm Value Chains

Awarded: NOK 3.4 mill.

The project has now been running 18 months and the third sea urchin roe enhancement trial in a series of trials (2 months per trial, 3 trials over a 12 month period) is about to be completed. Once the results of the third and final trial looking at variation in enhancement in sea urchins from different locations are available a popular science presentation will be prepared and published in Norwegian.

Sea stars, Sea urchins and Sea cucumbers are abundant marine biomass resources that are underdeveloped and underutilised. Throughout Europe, these echinoderms are wastefully exploited, disregarded and discarded. Researchers and industry partners in the InEVal project will advance high quality bioeconomic products and services from echinoderm biomass. InEVal addresses societal demand for new solutions to current challenges for human food, aquafeeds and ecosystem services by: 1) Up-valuing sea stars 2) Improving low-value sea urchins 3) Seeding and harvesting sea cucumbers InEVal’s novel products and services serve expanding markets and sectors and InEVal's committed commercial industry partners will ensure realistic new value chains are established. Production methods will be developed to secure regular supply to surveyed and con?rmed target customers, i.e. to diet formulators (aquafeeds) at just-in-time standard; to sea urchin consumers outside normal seasonal bounds; to environmentally aware sea cucumber consumers; and to aquaculture operators aiming to sustainably remediate fallowed production sites. The InEVal project develops realistic value-added, innovative products and services from echinoderm bioresources. Focussing on value and sustainability at every step along the full value chain, these resource uses contribute to zero-waste and circular economies driving a competitive blue bioeconomy in Europe.

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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø