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STUD: Tryio - Connecting food companies with the right consumers for sensory consumer testing

Alternative title: STUD: Tryio - Kobler matprodusenter med riktige forbrukere til sensorisk forbrukertesting

Awarded: NOK 0.97 mill.

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Project Period:

2020 - 2021

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Tryio is a digital platform connecting food businesses with the right consumers to conduct sensory consumer consumer testing. Most food manufacturing companies regularly conduct consumer testing to test the concept, flavour, texture, design, packaging and overall appeal of the product. However, recruiting the right target group for consumer testing is both difficult and expensive. Very often, food developers end up testing products with friends, family and acquaintances who are not part of representative consumer sample. Some companies rely on outsourcing the whole process of consumer testing to consultants, but they use manual recruitment methods and are therefore expensive. We address this problem by digitising the recruitment process and connecting innovative food companies with the right consumer sample to conduct consumer testing. The product itself is a two sided platform for both food companies and test consumers. Food developers can easily register on the platform, submit a test request and get the right consumer panel for their planned product testing. Test consumers can participate in consumer testing and receive rewards. By allowing food businesses to regularly test their products in cost and time efficient ways, we promote consumer-involvement in the food production process and bridging the gap between the food businesses and their consumers. The platform has been launched, tested and populated with consumers and customers. Based on feedback, we are now working on improving certain features and usability of the platform. We are also continually working to bring new businesses and consumers to the platform.