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STUD: EnableMagic - We are creating an open and connect world of Innovation and entrepreneurship!

Alternative title: STUD: EnableMagic

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

Project Number:


Project Period:

2020 - 2021

Funding received from:


EnableMagic is an analysis, community and management system to take innovation hubs to the next level. We do this by leveraging big data and community building in innovation ecosystems. Our goal is to increase the speed and success of innovation projects ? both for startups, hubs, and enterprises. The problems ecosystems are facing today are communication flow, effective access to resources, an overview of ecosystem actors and members as well as gathering insight to improve their resources EnableMagic's seeks to alleviate these problems with the features our platform offers. EnableMagic gives you a complete overview of your hub and its community through user-profiles and company profiles. We automate the resource sharing in the ecosystem and lets them decide the levels of access to certain resources. People can easily search for the resources they?re looking for in your hub. We gather all the data that goes into the system and transforms it into readable and actionable data that is neatly presented to the customer. We developed the MVP, The system used in 6 innovation systems, we have build a team of 6, with 3 interns joining this summer. Gotten the first investor and applied for public funding. We also are part of Simuals inkubators and Smart Innovation Norway incubators.