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STUD: Woit - Tracking system for strength training at health clubs

Alternative title: STUD: Woit - Sporingssystem for styrketrening på helse studio

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2020 - 2021

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Today's uncertainty for the health clubs and sports teams is linked to the effort, progression, and quality of individuals ' and/or athletes' implementation of strength training. The training plans are manual and paper-based. They are used to plan, perform and log the training, in addition to manual registration of data using apps and various websites. This is a problem because the pre-database is difficult to insert into the system to extract valuable insights. However, smartwatches have changed the cardio training market thanks to the automatic collection of training data that is visualized for the user. A similar result can be achieved by implementing a tracking system in the strength training market. An automated tracking system will not only make a significant positive contribution to serious sports teams but also to the general public health of the population. An automated system will contribute to increasing the athlete's motivation for fitness, strength, and rehabilitation. Woit has built a tracking system based on retrofitting electronic sensors on training equipment already owned by the operators of the strength room. The data is easily accessible in the cloud in real-time. This way, the user will always be in sync with the strength data and progression statistics. The STUD-ENT support has so far contributed to the development of a minimum viable product that consists of sensor units, the app, and the cloud structure. In addition, a patent has been applied for a sensor unit that is mounted on exercise equipment. The tracking system has been tested with potential customers and end-users, where the goal has been to validate and document both the technical solution, the business model, and the influence of the end-user. Further, WoIT has laid the foundation to attract interesting partners and customers to continue with the commercialization phase.