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Fifth Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum “Light and Shadows: Inquiring about Corruption, Anti-Corruption and Integrity”

Awarded: NOK 99,999

Corruption has dramatic consequences for every aspect of human development. Higher rates of infant mortality, shorter life expectancy, lack of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation – empirical research shows that corruption is often at the root of these misfortunate human conditions. Although the problem is complex and multidimensional, the research remains dispersed in separate disciplines and rarely crosses disciplinary borders. To address this shortcoming, this application seeks funding for an interdisciplinary forum on corruption. The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for collaboration between early-career scholars from different disciplines and practitioners. Such collaboration will help enhance understanding, deepen the analysis of, and formulate potential solutions to the complex and socially harmful phenomenon of corruption. In light of the recent pandemic and the trouble this has caused with hosting in-person conferences and events. CMI would like to propose using the funds allocated to us from Norglobal to support related activities to the ICRN forum. Given that the original funds were awarded on the basis of ensuring participation of young scholars from the global south and even despite ongoing vaccine rollout we cannot envisage global south participation at next year’s physical meeting, we propose that we request norglobal to use the funds for the following activities: 1. For Forum 2022: Internet access to people from the Global South, if the Forum is online 2. For Forum 2022: Funding travels to people from the Global South if the Forum is live (and vaccine rollout has been successful/participants have COVID-travel certificates allowing travel to Europe) 3. For Forum 2021: Funding open access publications for Forum participants from the Global South - dissemination 4. Forum 2021: series of supplementary events in the follow up of the Forum with participants from the Global South organized by CMI/U4, with invites for ICRN members to be chairs/moderators/participants in discussions. These activities would likely take place in 2022, according to CMI annual planning. 5. Forum 2022: paying for the access of ICRN members' from the Global South to scientific journals, so that it increases their chances to participate in the next Forum(s) 6. Forum 2021: dissemination of the Forum content among the Global South target group, through advertising podcast in the Global South. This way we will also promote awareness about ICRN among scholars in the Global South, which will increase participation from the Global South in the future events. The Forum is organised by the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (ICRN) in collaboration with the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center in Bergen. ICRN is a group of cross-national early-career researchers collaborating across disciplines to facilitate and produce innovative research on corruption. This will be the 5th forum of its kind, as the ICRN Network has previously organized four successful forums in Amsterdam, Paris, Gothenburg, and Kyiv over the last four years (

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NORGLOBAL2-Norge - global partner