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MP: INT3D - Intuitive interpretation and mapping in digital 3D environments

Alternative title: MP: INT3D - Intuitiv tolkning og kartlegging i digitale 3D-miljøer

Awarded: NOK 0.48 mill.

In many areas of our society, 3D modelling of the natural and built environment is increasingly important. Visualisation of these models on a computer allows us to better plan, understand and communicate spatial relationships. However, current software does not make it easy for users to map and interpret features in 3D. This project aims to demonstrate innovative software tools for illustrative mapping on 3D models. The core application area is for geologists and geoscientists, who struggle to fully exploit the wealth of 3D model data available today. These professionals need to be able to effectively digitise and highlight features of geological interest, landslide or coastal erosion risk areas and more. The project builds on our LIME software for visualisation and presentation of 3D geoscience, creating a prototype interpretation module used to showcase results to key stakeholders in the geoscience and energy industry. The outcomes guide strategy and sustainable business model development to reach new users in the geoscience sector and beyond.

The project has allowed creation of a working prototype of a new illustrative 3D interpretation method for geoscientists in the energy industry and beyond. The new method offers benefits over existing interpretation tools in terms of time-saving, visual quality and accessibility for new users. The INT3D method corresponds better to field observation processes learnt by geoscientists. The project results include testing these assumptions on a range of industry, public sector and academic target audiences, confirming the project's premise, as well as receiving feedback on further directions to make an even more powerful and flexible approach in the future. The results so far suggest an increase and willingness to adopt virtual outcrop methods for users in the energy sector, leading to longer-term impact as the method and software becomes mature and commercially viable, as well as being transferable to new markets and to other sectors in society.

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