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HELSEVEL-H-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

Digital Infrastructure for Robust and Scalable Patient Monitoring in Pandemic Response Situations

Alternative title: Digitale infrastrukturer for robust og skalerbar pasientoppfølging i pandemisituasjoner

Awarded: NOK 4.5 mill.

The research project called "Digital Infrastructure for Robust and Scalable Patient Monitoring in Pandemic Response Situations" targets digital follow-up of patients with symptoms of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19. It is expected that digital home monitoring may yield several types of benefits: symptomatic patients can feel safe at home, the demand for hospital admission can be reduced, and also quarantined health personnel can work remotely. The research project supports the evaluation of this service from a user perspective: through involving both patients and healthcare personnel we will suggest improvements and further development of services and solutions, with the aim to use the potential of digitally supported follow-up services to be better prepared for the next wave or pandemic. Researchers from the Centre for e-health at UiA collaborate with the local municipalities, Sørlandet hospital, the ICT-industry cluster DIGIN, I4Helse AS, Siemens Healthcare and Medsensio to explore the possibilities for innovation and business development around digitally supported follow-up services. New kinds of patient-generated data and new sensor technologies connected with artificial intelligence may contribute to less resource demanding and more precise monitoring of disease development; this may also be valuable beyond a pandemic situation.

This research project targets digitally supported services for home-monitoring of patients in an epidemic or pandemic situation, including patients with suspected or verified COVID-19 infection. Such solutions, which was rapidly made available at the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, allows patients’ self-reporting of symptoms to be transferred to clinicians who follow up the progression of the disease. An existing platform for digital home monitoring of patients with chronic diseases was used, however, the situation of a pandemic poses novel demands. Our overall research question is: Which novel capabilities are required when designing home-monitoring services for forward triaging and remote care in a pandemic usage situation?. This will be answered through both evaluative and exploratory research. We will conduct a feasibility study and an evaluation of services to provide quality assurance and identify areas for improvement. Further, we seek to establish the required infrastructural capabilities to allow capture of the unique, patient-reported, early-phase disease data coming from digitally supported monitoring. These data are valuable both for short-term optimization of the response to the pandemic, as a basis for research oriented on long-term health outcomes, and for innovative development of services. This links to the project’s further ambitions, which is to explore the possibility to combine patient monitoring services with e.g. predictive models, assistive intelligence and AI-enabled automation. We will explore the potential for innovation and improvement of the underlying ICT platform, to be able to accommodate third-party solutions and for the platform to be scalable and flexible. Such third-party solutions are e.g. new data sources (from other monitoring technologies such as IoT devices and wearables), and solutions that support analysis. The potential for AI-assisted monitoring and diagnostic tasks will be explored in co-operation with the industry.


HELSEVEL-H-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

Thematic Areas and Topics

LTP2 Samfunnssikkerhet og samhørighetLTP2 VelferdstjenesterBransjer og næringerHelsenæringenResponsible Research & InnovationLTP2 Et kunnskapsintensivt næringsliv i hele landetPortefølje Demokrati, styring og fornyelsePortefølje Naturvitenskap og teknologiCovid19LTP2 Helse, forebygging og behandlingLTP2 Samfunnsikkerhet, sårbarhet og konfliktDigitalisering og bruk av IKTPrivat sektorFornyelse og innovasjon i offentlig sektorPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderIKT forskningsområdeMenneske, samfunn og teknologiPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderVelferdPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderUtviklingLTP2 Fornyelse i offentlig sektorIKT forskningsområdeDigital sikkerhetAnvendt forskningFornyelse og innovasjon i offentlig sektorForskning for fornyelse av offentlig sektorHelseUtviklingsarbeidLTP2 Styrket konkurransekraft og innovasjonsevnePortefølje LivsvitenskapPortefølje HelsePortefølje Velferd, kultur og samfunnForskning og innovasjonIKT forskningsområdeKunstig intelligens, maskinlæring og dataanalyseIKT forskningsområdeProgramvarer og tjenesterVelferdPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderDigitaliseringBransjer og næringerTjenesterettet FoULTP2 IKT og digital transformasjonLTP2 Muliggjørende og industrielle teknologierSamfunnssikkerhetPortefølje Muliggjørende teknologierPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderOffentlig administrasjon og forvaltningVelferdVelferdssamfunnets tjenester og organiseringDigitalisering og bruk av IKTIKT forskningsområdeBransjer og næringerIKT-næringenLTP2 Innovasjon i stat og kommuneDigitalisering og bruk av IKTOffentlig sektorPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderHelse og omsorgPortefølje Industri og tjenestenæringerOrganisasjon og ledelseResponsible Research & InnovationRRI MedvirkningPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderForskning