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GLOBALBÆREKRAFT-Forskning for global bærekraft

Big Data approaches in genetics and brain imaging of complex human disorders

Awarded: NOK 99,999

Mental disorders are ranked among the leading causes of the burden of diseases worldwide. Thus, identifying their underlying pathophysiology is imperative and can lead to major health benefits. The project focuses on integrating big data analytics (Skoltech) with clinical expertise and large imaging and genetics samples from the Centre of Excellence NORMENT (University of Oslo, UiO). We aim to organize a two-day interdisciplinary workshop at Skoltech (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), Moscow, Russia, centred on improved personalized prediction of brain disorders, including major psychiatric disorders. With ten participants from CoE NORMENT (the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research), and up to 100 participants from the Moscow region, we have the possibility to bring together experts with clinical background in psychiatry and neurology, domain experts in neuroimaging and human genetics, and data scientists, to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and plan new synergetic projects to form a solid basis for future collaboration.

Funding scheme:

GLOBALBÆREKRAFT-Forskning for global bærekraft