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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum

A Drill floor Robotic System for Automated Operations

Alternative title: Et Drillfloor Robot System for automatiske operasjoner

Awarded: NOK 11.9 mill.

NOV's drill equipment systems are highly automated today with automatic and remote operated tools to perform pipe handing and drilling. The automation includes both individual machines and machines running in cooperation to perform sequences of operations. However, there are still needs for interaction manually. These are challenging tasks requiring research to replace manual handling and improve safety of operations and operators at same precision and speed. The project aims to realize a Drill floor Robotic System (DRS) for handling operations that today must be done manually at a high risk for exposed personnel. The innovation in DRS comprises one or more mobile robots with end- effectors capable of automating manual handling operations. The system will be developed to fit on a typical drilling rig.


Funding scheme:

PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum