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DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk

Demonstrating smart drilling automation application

Alternative title: Demonstrasjon av en smart bore automatiserings-applikasjon

Awarded: NOK 11.2 mill.

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Project Period:

2020 - 2023



This project is a continuation of the "Demonstration of Automatic Drilling Process Control" project. A new smart auto ROP module, high speed telemetry, optimization of configuration data, and an automatic connection functionality will be demonstrated fully integrated to the NOV Drilling Control System through an open application (NOVOS) on the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform. All new elements are merged and contribute in the demonstration of multiple technologies required for an autonomous drilling sequence. By combining modelling and control of key machinery, DrillTronics helps the drillers to avoid critical situations that might compromise wellbore stability and lead to economic loss or safety hazards. The new smart ROP application improve efficiency in drilling while still maintain the control of these hazards. This module continuously adjusting the WOB, top-drive RPM and flow-rate according to the current formation properties and wellbore behaviour to: Assure ability to transport cuttings, reduce risk of drill-string vibration and to avoid buckling or exceeding the geo-pressure margins. We will interface to data providers of along-string measurements with high speed telemetry to increase visibility by communicating situational awareness information to the driller. The system will show measured data compared with calculated data for pressure and temperature in the well. We will ease the use by interfacing the system to new digital platforms and get automated input to system calculation modules. DrillTronics is interfaced to MHWirth drilling machinery and has been used on several wells. In this project the interface to NOV drilling machinery is implemented through the NOVOS application and demonstrating the ability for different 3rd part software applications to contribute to machine controls in drilling. The technology will reduce the total drilling time for wells and reduce the drilling process's Co2 contribution per produced barrel.


Equinor has facilitated Johan Sverdrup, an NOV operated rig, for installation and testing of the DrillTronics application running on NOVOS. DrillTronics is a product to assist the driller with safeguarding the operation and to automate and optimize the drilling operations. We will demonstrate DrillTronics on NOVOS, showing fully integrated systems in an intuitive and user-friendly environment. We will demonstrate functions working as intended, automated operations are running safely, and the wellbore conditions are stable. The interface shall comply with criticality requirements from both products. We will utalize along string mearuesurment (ASM) data on the rig to improve the understanding and situational awareness for the driller. We will warn the user if there is abnormal variance between measured and calculated data. We will evaluate the quality of the measurements, and use the ASM to calibrate our models for better accuracy, prediction and performance. The prototyped automated drilling system for optimal performance of drilling will be demonstrated. This system operates for optimal rate of penetration when accounting for both short and long-time drilling. By experience from testing, usage of the system and by analysing results, we will improve performance of the automated drilling system. We will use ASM to increase accuracy of the model. A new extension to the automated drilling system will be demonstrated which control the operation while going from slips to drilling and drilling to slips. The system will calculate; minimum lift height, pump rate, rotation speed, trip speed and hook load while the automated function will assure a safe and efficient operation. We will demonstrate reduced workload for the driller and the DrillTronics operators with a new automatic retrieval of configuration data from Equinor source systems. To assure correct data in operations we will improve both the manual operational work processes and the digital processes.

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DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk