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FRIHUMSAM-Fri hum og sam

Social Inequalities and Population Dynamics (SIPD).

Alternative title: Sosial ulikhet og demografi (SIPD).

Awarded: NOK 1.6 mill.

SAMEVAL-SIPD aims to strengthen the PhD education and contribute to theoretical and methodological developments in sociology, demography, and other social sciences. Over four years the SIPD research group will organize four PhD courses, which includes lectures given by international scholars who are invited stay and work with our research group at University of Oslo. Associated with the research period of each international scholar we will organize a workshop (four in total) and coordinate their lectures at the PhD courses and their participation in the workshop during their stay at University of Oslo. We will also use some project funds to develop ERC applications.

SAMEVAL-SIPD skal styrke forskerutdannelsen og bygge opp under teori- og metodeutvikling i sosiologi, demografi og andre samfunnsfag. SAMEVAL beskrev SIPD gruppen på følgende måte “Excellent” “… internationally competitive (…) (producing) frontline research.” Evalueringskomiteen fortsatte: “This group has a clear vision that is in line with UiO’s strategy of high-quality research and publication, integrating PhD students in research, international collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and the use of under-used data. All these objects appear to be well meet, and this research group is no doubt the one, or one of few, that best achieves UiO’s strategic goals.” (side 166). SIPD-gruppen vokser, og vi ønsker å styrke forskergruppen faglig gjennom økt internasjonalt samarbeid med anerkjente forskere. SAMEVAL-nettverksmidler vil være svært viktig for forskergruppens muligheter for videre vekst.

Funding scheme:

FRIHUMSAM-Fri hum og sam