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STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren

Stipendiatstilling 3 IFE (2020-2023)

Awarded: NOK 4.2 mill.

The focus of Kine Reegårds PhD is on employees? perceptions of and responses to automation technology being introduced at work. Currently, the debate regarding introduction of advanced automation technologies in the workplace seems preoccupied with the potential displacement of human workers. However, these technologies will often not replace humans in a job. Instead, they may replace humans in specific tasks or change how the task is performed. Yet, there are currently few studies that attempt to shed light on how emerging technologies may influence the nature of work and consequently employees beyond these displacement effects. This PhD study aims to contribute in closing this gap in existing literature by addressing work changes as perceived and experienced by workers. This will be investigated through a longitudinal, mixed methods study with organization(s) that are in the process of introducing new automation technology.

Funding scheme:

STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren

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