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BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping

KSP: Sensor-guided enzymatic protein hydrolysis and separation technologies for tailored biomanufacturing of bioactive peptides

Alternative title: Skreddersydd produksjon av bioaktive peptider ved bruk av sensorstyrt enzymatisk proteinhydrolyse og separasjonsteknologi (TailoTides)

Awarded: NOK 8.1 mill.

Enzymatic protein hydrolysis (EPH), i.e. protease catalysed breakdown of proteins into peptides and amino acids, is a biotechnological solution recognized as a central element in the circular bioeconomy in the food industry. This technology bears a huge potential to transform food processing by-products to a revenue stream. Bioactive peptides are one of the potential high-end products that can be produced using EPH. Such specialized bioactive peptides (i.e., small chains of amino acids) can have application as health promoting ingredients or supplements with cholesterol lowering, blood sugar regulation and blood pressure lowering effects. State-of-the-art EPH process currently used in the food industry is a crude transformation of by-products into unrefined mixtures of large proteins, smaller peptides and amino acids. The inherent complexity of crude protein hydrolysates, containing thousands of peptide fragments, calls for downstream processing steps to refine the crude hydrolysates into fractions of favorable properties. With a central aim of advancing the EPH process, the project TailoTides takes an interdisciplinary approach for refining tailored bioactive peptide from underutilized agricultural and marine biomasses (i.e., poultry by-products and Calanus finmarchicus). These will be achieved through combined use of cutting-edge science in biotechnology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, sensor technology and separation technologies. In addition to generally advancing the EPH process, a successful implementation of such project could result in novel applications of peptides derived from poultry by-products and C. finmarchicus as health promoting ingredients for major lifestyle diseases, such as type-2-diabetes. This interdisciplinary project combines scientific competencies from two research institutes (Nofima AS and AquaTeam COWI) together with industry partners that have invested heavily in biotech processing in recent years (Calanus AS and Norilia AS). A kick-off meeting for the project was held in September 2021. Nofima also had a visit to one of the industry partners (Zooca, Trømso) and held a presentation on bioactive peptides. At Nofima in Ås a total of sixty hydrolysates are currently produced from Calanus finmarchicus using different food-grade enzymes. Preliminary data shows that we have effectively isolated small molecular weight peptides in this laboratory-scale production. This library of 60 hydrolysates will be screened for bioactivity against selected therapeutic targets and in cell cultures. In parallel, at the research partner AquaTeam COWI, physicochemical characterization of hydrolysis form both chicken by-products and Calanus are being performed to design optimal separation conditions for the bioactive peptides.

Enzymatic protein hydrolysis (EPH) is a biotechnological solution well-recognized as a central element of the circular bioeconomy mobilization in the food industry that can potentially transform food processing by-products to revenue streams. Bioactive peptides are one of the potential high-end products that can be produced using EPH. However, in order to realize this potential, a number of technological barriers are yet to be solved and EPH has to be transformed from a traditional crude hydrolysate production platform to a tailored biomanufacturing process. TailoTides combines bioactivity-guided enzymatic protein hydrolysis, advanced water filtration technologies and sensor technologies for tailored production of bioactive peptides from underutilized agricultural and marine biomasses (i.e., poultry by-products and Calanus finmarchicus). With a focus on health promoting bioactive peptides towards selected cardiometabolic diseases, TailoTides aims at: -Discovery of bioactive peptides based on advanced in vitro screening tecnologies -Development of tailored enzymatic protein hydrolysis process for production of potent hydrolysates -Development of industrially-relevant separation and refining process based on advanced technologies from water treatment sector. -Development of sensor and bioanalytical technologies for a controlled and optimal production of the desired bioactive peptides. TailoTides represents a highly cross-disciplinary project which brings cutting-edge science in biotechnology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, sensor technology and separation technologies together with industrial experience in EPH. A successful implementation of results from TailoTides is expected to generate new scientific knowledge that can potentially transform and set new standards to the current practices in EPH industry.

Funding scheme:

BIOTEK2021-Bioteknologi for verdiskaping

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