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KVAL: Bioactive encapsulated fresh, raw garlic extract

Alternative title: Bioaktive Kapsler

Awarded: NOK 0.49 mill.

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2020 - 2021

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There are numerous garlic products on the market, but most of them are based on dried garlic. When garlic is dried, it loses its beneficial, bio-active properties. Three professors at NTNU in Trondheim have done extensive research to solve this. They have managed to make an emulsion of the fresh garlic extract, that can be encapsulated, thus retaining the health benefits of garlic. Previously, encapsulation of aqueous garlic extracts has not been possible because the water has dissolved the capsule. Based on our basic research and expertise in cell biology, analytical biochemistry and capsule technology, we have developed a method for fresh, raw, bio-actively stabilized garlic extract in a capsule. By encapsulating the extract, it becomes easier to take and you get rid of the bad taste and smell that is associated with garlic. In this qualification project, we will verify that the capsule material does not dissolve over time and is stable. The main goal of the project is to be ready for a test production of garlic capsules on an industrial scale by demonstrating the produce-ability of our garlic capsules.

The invention covers optimized extraction protocol as well as composition and preparation of the stable solid water-in-oil emulsion. The gelatine shell formulation has been shown to be compatible with the emulsion formulation and the product will be finalized by making gelation-covered capsules of this fresh, raw garlic extract emulsion. These gel-covered capsules will be taste- and odour-free and easy to swallow. There are no products like these available on the global garlic extract market today. Furthermore, the NTNU encapsulation technology itself has a large potential in the pharmaceutical industry by enabling new drug formulations. The intended product will have an impact on the UN's sustainability goal number 3: Good Health and well-being?. In addition to the potential health benefits of active garlic compounds as described above, development of this product may lay ground for new industry in Norway.

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