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Building Digital Twin Innovation Hub

Awarded: NOK 0.93 mill.

Through the project Building Digital Twin Innovation Hub, we use innovative solutions from the European research front within digital twins for the construction industry at the same time as they become available in the market. This is a completely unique opportunity for the Norwegian construction industry and to be at the forefront with expertise in digital twins for the construction industry. So far in the project we have been working on establishing the Building Digital Twin Innovation Hub. It is intended to be a technology "show room", and we have mapped the needs through discussion with the stakeholder groups. Unfortunately, the first two quarters of the project period were characterized by COVID-19 and there was only the possibility of digital contact between partners. We have done our best to overcome this limitation and have set up a sketch of how the "show room" will work (including the roadmap for a training courses) and what equipment investment must be realized. Physical construction of rooms is something we are working on as of today and will establish it in Construction City Cluster's premises before the turn of the year 2021. We have taken inspiration from EU project BIMprove and ERASMUS + project BIMGAME to offer the best experiences for users of rooms and premises. A digital twin is first and foremost something you can have two-way communication and must be physically tested. It is a LEGO education package that will be used in the construction phase and all changes will be traceable in Autodesk Revit and connected to BIMprove's cloud solution, based on Bimsync.

Dette prosjektet skal øke samfunnseffekten av EU-prosjektet BIMprove iblant norske aktører innenfor byggebransjen. Målgruppen er utførere, bestillere, ledere og underleverandører i byggebransjen, mange av de medlemmer av Construction City. Prosjektet skal etablere et fysisk rom der målgruppen kan komme å få veileiding til å sette opp sin egen digitale tvilling. Kunnskapen fra BIMProve vil bli formiddlet gjennom et samarbeid mellom forskerne som deltar i prosjektet og construction city klyngen. Slik vil man nå ut til store deler av norsk byggebransje.