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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Advanced Light Microscopy Imaging Network Phase II (NALMIN-II)

Alternative title: Nasjonalt infrastrukturnettverk for avansert lysmikroskopi - fase II

Awarded: NOK 71.5 mill.

NALMIN-II is a national infrastructure network for advanced light microscopy, a central technology in the life sciences. The network consists of nodes at the University of Oslo (two nodes), Oslo University Hospital, University of Bergen, Norwegian Technical University of Trondheim, and the Arctic University of Tromsø. NALMIN-II offers Norwegian scientists access to the most advanced microscopes for light microscopy, with superior spatial and temporal resolution. Services include training, hands-on access to microscopes and computers for image analyses and processing, and courses at different levels. The first microscopes have been installed during 2023, and microscopy services can now be offered to users at the nodes UiO-MED, Rikshospitalet and UiT. Further microscopes will be installed during 2024 in order to offer even more user services.

Building on technology that has recently been awarded Nobel prizes in chemistry (2008, 2014) and physics (2018), light microscopy is a core technology in the life sciences. NALMIN-II will offer a national infrastructure network that will enable Norwegian scientists to utilize the most cutting-edge light microscopy for studies of living specimens, including microbes, cells, tissues, plants, and small animals. NALMIN-II is a national infrastructure with 6 nodes, UiO-MED, UiO-MN, OUS, UiB, NTNU, and UiT. The objective of NALMIN-II is to offer Norwegian life scientists access to the most state-of-the art microscopes for ultrafast and -sensitive microscopy of live specimens in 3D. The focus on live specimens is an important development because it enables detection of cellular and physiological processes in real time at high temporal and spatial resolution. This offers unprecedented possibilities for life science research, especially research dedicated to characterizing and manipulating biological processes. Unique technologies that will be implemented by NALMIN-II include live nanoscopy, light sheet microscopy and high-content spinning-disk microscopy. These technologies will provide Norwegian life scientists a competitive advantage in live imaging studies within biomedicine, nanomedicine, biotechnology, agriculture, aquaculture and zoology.

Funding scheme:

FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

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