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Regional Governance of Responsible Research and Innovation in Norway

Awarded: NOK 1.0 mill.

To make the results and outcomes from research, development and innovation (RDI) activities conducted in the Norwegian regions compliant with the society's values, public's interests and ethical norms, a proactive governance of those RDI activities is needed. Such a governance approach needs to ensure that RDI activities are transparent to the public, include the public in order to be more reflexive and anticipatory about the ethical aspects, and hence, responsive to the society at large. The project 'Regional Governance of Responsible Research and Innovation in Norway' aims to help four regions in Norway (Oslo, Viken, Trøndelag and Rogaland) towards achieving higher level of responsible research and innovation activities through benefiting from the results gained from the European Commission-funded project RRI2Scale, and transferring the project's results to the above-mentioned four Norwegian regions.


As a H2020 project, RRI2Scale project mentions facilitating the widespread adoption of its results as the strategic target of its dissemination and exploitation activities. This makes the ambitions of the project perfectly in line with the purposes of the current "NFR Forsterkningsmidler" call. RRI2Scale project considers the following project-related information for dissemination to the project’s target groups: i) vision (objectives, strategic relevance) and key facts; ii) stakeholder engagement ctivities such as regional workshops and co-creation of regional agendas; iii) achievements and recommendations of the project; iv) events to disseminate the results; and v) the key project assets (such as its toolkit, online platform, and Regional Innovation Agendas). The ativities envisaged for the proposed project aim at undertaking the above-mentioned dissemination activities in four other Norwegian Counties (Oslo, Viken, Rogaland, and Trøndelag) in order to explicitly highlight and integrate the principles of RRI in the governance of research, technology development, and innovation activities related to the domains of energy, transport and intelligent city at those Counties. The involvement of the Vestland County Council as a partner in the RRI2Scale project will give the proposed project partners an opportunity to use the experiences from Vestland as a pilot stage for the implementation of the proposed project. In line with the call’s intended areas of support, the proposed reinforcement project plans to disseminate the results from RRI2Scale project in Norway through arranging workshops and seminars, and establish a virtual national platform (network) in connection with RRI2Scale’s ambitions towards more public- and other stakeholders participation in the regional governance of research and innovation which aim at regional development in the areas of transport, energy, and intelligent cities.

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