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Safe and Competitive Concepts with Enabling Technologies

Alternative title: Safe and Competitive Concepts with Enabling Technologies

Awarded: NOK 1.8 mill.

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2021 - 2024

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In the upstream oil and gas industry, exiting ideas and technologies are being developed. However, it is an acknowledged challenge to implement these. New ideas and technology are not included in new concepts and projects, which in turn negatively affects the value of the projects. Consequently, a project can be delayed or found too unprofitable or risky for realization. We will investigate the underlying mechanisms behind new technology not being used enough, and through this develop new and improved processes for project development. To do this, the project will develop solutions for implementation that are tailored to this industry. With the basis in the experience of the practiced professionals, the project will avail itself of several resources from different disciplines to investigate the expertise of practitioner. In addition, the project will investigate the possibility of finding methods that are currently overlooked. The new theory and methods will form a part of increasing the chances of new enabling technology and technological building blocks being used, and as such increase the chances of a project being completed along with the value of the project.Through the use of new and ongoing projects, we will describe how to become world leading in delivering of safe and competitive concepts with enabling technologies. The research method is selected, and Grounded Theory is confirmed. The first initial analyzes of the collected data have also begun, including a comparison with existing theory. The structure has also begun to become visible. In the next phase, one will start on a more pointed collection. In addition to collection, a search has been made for existing theory that is relevant to the problem. The project follows planned progress.

The process of identifying solutions and new projects in the petroleum industry must consider any demand for new technology and the gaps such technology would fill. The need for technology must be translated into the actual development which in turn leads to the creation of value. This is not well developed in the upstream oil and gas industry. The consequence of this general lack of understanding is that the identification of new technology requirements and/or new ways of putting existing technology together are insufficient for the optimal extraction of value. When a project is initiated, the need for technology is either not identified, or the technological development will take too long, and thus cannot be implemented in the project. The proposed project will address the following question: Why is the development of technology easy but the implementation difficult in this industry? In order to answer this question, the PhD will develop a theory that is uniquely tailored to the phenomena and working culture at hand. As a part of this the project will investigate the possibility of dimensions to implementation that is currently overlooked, and that might impede the best possible praxis. The main challenge this research will face is that it is trying to access and formulate already existing, but hidden, knowledge amongst the employees. This unarticulated, largely unexamined expertise is not a subject of any report or formal work process. We therefore need to be on the inside of this working culture to grasp and formulate this “know-how”. The end goal of this research project is that the process of identifying ideas, potential prospects, including demand for new technology or technology building blocks, is fully implemented and embedded in the organisation. Further it is hoped that by the end of the PhD, people’s awareness of technical challenges in prospects has become an integral part of the organisation's mindset

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