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E!114767 SmartXTag: Innovativ UHF RFID tag for fisk med anti kollisjon, lesbarhet og fleksibilitet

Alternative title: E!114767 SmartXTag: An Innovative UHF Fish Tag with multi-read capability, enhanced read range & improved flexibility

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

Project Number:


Project Period:

2021 - 2023

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SmartXTag has begun the project by gathering necessary specifications and making sure the result will fit the tag that is in use today. Some functional prototypes has also just been developed and the preliminary results are so far very promising. The project is picking up speed after a bit slow start due to restrictions and vacation period.

SmartXTag will develop, validate and demonstrate an innovative UHF RFID technology for making fish traceable and detectable multiple fishes at a time. The current RFID tags for fishes has major shortcomings from the fact that they were developed in the 80's. The current tags are very sensitive to EMC. This really is a challenge when using reading equipment in industrial fish landing sites.. This project will develop the old fish-tag UHF replacement to enable modern performance and seriously improved EMC resistance. Also in the fish tracebility area the new tag and reading system will improve possibilities, simplicity and data quality. The main application areas will be in the fish industry (fish farmers, fish landing sites, in rivers and the ocean) and for monitoring pets (veterinarians) in addition to other fast growing markets. The partners’ background IP and knowledge will be utilized to improve RFID Solutions’ monitoring system, tag specification & manufacture incl. internal antenna and new encapsulation from Omni-ID, manufacturing processes and component integration into a new UHF Tag and monitoring system. Outcomes will be 1) the novel UHF Tag and 2) the monitoring system; included the process for low cost fabrication. The cost efficient manufacture involves a Tag composite encapsulation process designed for mass production at Omni-ID. Overall we will reduce tag costs and ensure high performance and reliability.