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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020


Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

The overall objective of the project is to understand the challenges and opportunities for behavioural, social and cultural changes connected to the implementation of the European Green Deal (EGD). Through a combination of different methodologies and in close interaction with practitioners, public services, communities and relevant civil society organisations the project will carry out a series of case studies and experimental studies for behavioural change and provide recommendations for encouraging environmental citizenship and behavioural, social and cultural changes needed for the implementation of the EGD in the European Union and Associated Countries. The project will develop and validate models for interventions and how these can be upscaled to a broader campaign for behavioural and social change after the project. For understanding the challenges and opportunities for behavioural, social and cultural changes related to the EGD it is necessary to consider the experiences gathered during the current world-wide Covid-19 crisis. We see the crisis as a challenge, hence as an opportunity, but also as a danger for the implementation of a sustainability transition and the changes of behaviour and social practices that come along with it. The Covid-19 crisis and the social ruptures it created may help to question many behaviours, habits and institutions which have been taken for granted and thus it has created a window of opportunity for behavioural, social and cultural change. The project will involve not just eight research partners from eight European countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland and Sweden) and from Kenya, but also non-governmental and municipal organisations in those countries which will help to develop and implement the experiments and case studies and which will contribute to communicate and to disseminate the research results to the general public.

Funding scheme:

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020