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STUD: Akti Opplevelser AS – A technological platform for buying and selling last minute tickets to experiences.

Alternative title: Akti Opplevelser AS - En plattform for kjøp og salg av siste-liten billetter til opplevelser

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

We are building a platform to sell empty seats last minute that the tourists didn?t buy, to the local market for a lower price. The end-user gets an extraordinary experience for a great price, and the provider increase their profits. Testing our MVP, networking/research and brand building are our three pillars for our project?s success. Our main objective is to take crucial steps in commercialising the platform by testing our MVP in a limited test market. Through this our objectives are to answer if businesses are willing to add our booking system to their platform, appeal to a critical mass of end-users, and in turn find the intersection between the businesses? willingness to sell relative to end-users willingness to pay. To do so we are initially dependent on a thorough work in networking and brand-building process to on-board our business customers as well as appeal to our end market. In parallel, experiences and information we gather will be used in further development and improvement of our working platform. A successful project will answer our critical questions to such a degree that investors and other possible funding partners are likely to support the development further. When 1) a private investor decides to invest, and 2) we have gained a loyal customer base and achieved a solid business network ? we will consider our project a success. By the end of the project we can inform that there are investors that has expressed interest in investing and we have established a good network within the environment to ensure further financing. We reached many downloads (mainly in Tromsø) which includes both end users and business customers. We have established a good network within the travel industry in form of conferences and recognisability when we are visible in other environments/industries. During our two testing phases (respectively 6 weeks x 2) we managed to reach revenue.

Tourist businesses managed to sell vacancy tickets for a lower price, meaning their capacity has been utilized more efficiently. In turn the plattform has also given the local community a place to find extraordinary experiences nearby. To be able to ensure effects in the shoulder seasons the plattform needs further investment in development to make the workflow and communication system operate automatically.

Funding scheme: