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STUD: Aviant- Drone Transport Between Hospitals

Alternative title: STUD: Aviant - Dronetransport mellom sykehus

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Aviant performs long-range medical deliveries between hospitals by leveraging drone technology. The company is currently flying between Røros - Trondheim as part of a pilot project with St. Olavs Hospital to transport biological samples with drones. In February 2021, the team conducted the first autonomous flight between the cities of 120 km, which is the longest autonomous drone flight conducted in Norway, proving that long-distance flights with drones are technically feasible. The goal of this STUD-ENT project is to advance drone transportation from proof-of-concept to stable operations. Aviant will do this through several activities, such as conducting 100 autonomous flights between Røros and Trondheim. A more stable operation will enable the company to capitalize on the interest they have seen in the market, illustrated through their dialog with seven potential customers interested in their services. To date, the project has resulted in more than 550 flights (6000 km + in flying distance), four paying contracts, and operations in both Sweden and Norway. In addition, sharp tests have been carried out, where, among other things, blood samples have been transported.