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STUD: Glede - Social gift giving made fun, accessible and easy

Alternative title: Glede gir overraskelser i hverdagen - spontant & enkelt

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Glede is a Norwegian start-up with the simple goal of delivering more customers to our clients while letting you be the ROCKSTAR of your relationships. Glede is developing a multi-sided gifting platform connecting consumers (our users) with small local vendors such as cafes, bakeries, or florists (our clients). As the first of its kind, Glede enables its users to easily and instantly treat their friends with specific products, without being physically present. As shown in the figure below, the sender selects the desired vendor, product, and person to surprise. We notify the recipient, who stops by the nearest vendor to retrieve the glede (gift). For our users, the goal is to reduce social distance, and strengthen social interaction between people in their everyday lives. For our clients, Glede becomes a new sales channel supporting them in one of their most important activities: getting customers into the store. In less than 10 months, we launched our beta product on February 8th and confirmed the market need from both sides of the platform, attracting more than 50 clients (Dromedar, Haralds Vaffel, Bakklandet Blomster) and more than 4000 users. Onboarding clients (vendors) is easy because Glede requires no technical integrations, and they can continue to use their existing systems and focus on their core business. Implementation of the project will lead us to overcome a significant barrier associated with digital consumer products, which is reaching a critical user base in order to create value for local vendors. The knowledge and experience we acquire throughout the project will be transferred to other students in the innovation ecosystem at NTNU by carrying on the learning through workshops, consulting, and mentoring.