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STUD: OmniMod AS - Commercialization of autonomous solutions within E-commerce, logistics, intralogistics and distribution

Alternative title: STUD: OmniMod AS - Kommersialisering av autonome løsninger innen E-handel, logistikk, intralogistikk og distribusjon.

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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OmniMod develops products consisting of hardware and software, which will automate several operations in the industry of E-commerce logistics, intralogistics, and distribution. The need for automation is obvious, but to create a paradigm-shifting solution, you have to innovate on different technical levels with mutual synergies. Among other things, this includes machine vision, product development, design and electronics. During the FornyStudent project, Omnimod will combine market research with the development of the first prototype of the entire system. The system consists of two unique modules (M1 and M2). During the first part of the project, Omnimod has develop a more industrialized version of M1 and will for the next part develop a prototype of M2. Together this will make up the first prototype of the entire system. During the project, industrial software expertise will be hired. The project will be considered successful if a working prototype of the entire system has been developed and the first module being ready to be delivered end users after the project. The development of module 2 will allow multiple applications and are essential to satisfy the market demand. OmniMod is stationed at NTNU Gløshaugen and has multiple full-time- and part-time employees. The participants in the company originate from different research environments at NTNU. OmniMod wants to create bonds with the environment at NTNU to recruit skilled students. The company has proven that the technology works by developing the prototype of the first module; this in itself creates great interest from students.


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