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STUD: Massflow - A digital marketplace for leftover materials from infrastructure construction projects.

Alternative title: STUD: Massflow - en digital marketsplass for overskuddsmasser i anleggsbransjen

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Every year the construction industry in Norway manages million tonnes of leftover materials, like gravel, crushed stone, sand, soil and similar, that will not be used in the construction projects. The excavated material, independent of its quality, is usually deposited at landfills. At the same time, newly extracted materials from production facilities are sent into the projects. This causes high costs for the contractors, low resource efficiency, and great climate emissions due to long transportation distances. To make it easier and less risky for the contractors to reuse the leftover materials, we are offering a digital marketplace for construction materials. The platform serves as a tool for mass haul movement (the movement of excavated material from where it arises to where it is reused, treated or disposed) by giving the contractors a complete overview of the projects nearby and their material needs, as well as the location of landfills, production facilities and recycling plants. The project has tested the platform in use, and built a new and robust technical system that can withstand many users. The feedback from users has been very positive. They highlight both a good design and a good concept.