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STUD: Kvist Solutions - Efficient and streamlined planning and execution of sustainable construction.

Alternative title: Kvist Solutions - Effektiv miljøsertifisering av bygg- og anleggsprosjekter

Awarded: NOK 1.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Kvist Solutions AS develops a digital tool (called INIT) for planning, managing and documenting sustainability assessment processes in the construction industry. Globally, the construction industry accounts for approximately 39% of all carbon emissions. New guidelines for sustainable construction, such as BREEAM, have been created as a response to the emerging climate crisis. BREEAM-certified buildings emit, on average, 22% less CO2 than regular buildings. However, implementing such measures involves complex processes in terms of documentation, communication between involved actors, in addition managing the construction progress. Consequently, introducing BREEAM leads to increased process costs, which represents a barrier for project owners to implement it. Simultaneously, the sector has an intractable productivity problem that needs to be solved in order to efficiently build sustainable cities. Kvist's goal is to reduce the barriers to implement sustainability measures in construction projects. By developing a digital tool that streamlines the certification process we can increase productivity and, thus, reduce the cost of sustainable construction. Our tool will help the project management obtain, structure, and store environmental data, to keep track of the certification progress from design to operation. In our opinion, there shouldn't be any knowledge barriers or delays due to following environmental requirements. Thus, the vision is that sustainable projects are as efficient and accessible as any projects. Through the Forny Student project we have prepare the platform for a commercial launch and are now going to establish ourselves in the Norwegian market. Kvist is continuously improving their solution based on new insights and feedback from their pilot customers. Focusing on usability design, modern web technology, and industry requirements, Kvist will create a market leading tool, essential to further growth and expansion. Due to the Forny Student project, Kvist has had the opportunity to obtain external investor capital from Alliance Venture, Startuplab and Vater, which means that the company can continue to work on further development after the Forny Student project is finished.

Prosjekter kan ansees som svært vellykket. Vi har fått et produkt ut i markedet og gjennomført en investeringsrunde slik at vi kan drive selskapet videre. Derfor er vi helt i henhold til virkninger og effekter som ble skrevet i søknaden og står beskrevet ovenfor.

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