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STUD: Tastebuds - Local food: A Social and Sustainable Shopping Experience

Alternative title: Tastebuds - Lokalmat: En sosial og bærekraftig handleopplevelse

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Tastebuds is an online food technology startup for local food, starting in Bergen. Our main goal is to solve problems for both consumers and producers in their quest to find the best food for their taste buds. We will increase the availability of hard-to-get products for consumers, while reducing the time, resources and effort required for producers to reach new and existing customers. By offering a wide range of Bergen's best local foods, as well as handling all distribution and logistics, we want to make it easier for all parties to shop locally. This way we can ensure that more food goes from farm to table. The STUD-ENT project has put us in a position to quickly test the business idea in Bergen. The marketplace is now launched, and the first home deliveries have been completed. This allows us to explore and implement features only a software driven store can provide, making it easier for customers to make conscious decisions based on values and needs during the shopping experience. The purpose of the projects is to develop the startup from a MVP to a product and an organisation ready for scaling, through adding new and unique features for both customers and producers, testing hypotheses and optimising operations. To facilitate our growth, the Tastebuds team has expanded from two employees to a diverse team of six. A successful project puts us in a position to create a social and personal shopping experience for local food, with sustainability at the center. By doing so, we can contribute to changing the way people shop, for the benefit of customers, producers and the world.