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STUD: Skypass - A web application for customs refund documentation for online retailers

Alternative title: Skypass: En web-applikasjon for å automatisere dokumentasjon for tollrefusjon for nettbutikker

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

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Project Period:

2021 - 2022

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Skypass develops innovative software for online retailers that creates the opportunity to apply for customs refunds on returned goods. Today?s customs software solutions do not meet the growing demand for efficient return processes. Today, online retailers get up to 50 % of packages in return from customers (Dagens Næringsliv, 2019). The online retailers pay customs fees when they send a package to a customer, but do not get the fees refunded when the package is returned. The process of applying for customs refunds is so complex and time-consuming that online retailers give up on getting refunds when packages are returned from customers, hence settling for millions in losses. Documenting that a product has been returned requires that the online fashion retailer can refer to where the product is listed in all customs and shipment forms. The necessary forms come from different actors in the value chain and contain thousands of goods. Organizing the documents and manually finding the required information about each returned product is an impossible task for a person. Skypass addresses this issue by offering a platform that organizes all of the shipment and customs data for the online retailer. By developing the system based on new technology Skypass can automatically generate customs refund applications. This way Skypass minimizes losses related to returned goods for online retailers. Our goal is to combine complex data management and regulatory insights into one efficient, easy-to-use service. By including online retailers and freight forwarders in the development, we can identify the bottlenecks in today?s customs processes. With the use of new software technologies, Skypass can offer innovative analysis modules to facilitate efficient and easy customs processes. In the project, Skypass has signed the company's first commercial agreement with an online fashion retailer. Skypass has also spent time in the project on meeting with relevant investors for the first investment round.